Woman gets full refund after returning dead Christmas tree to Costco in January

A few days into January 2018, a frugal woman dragged her dead Christmas tree to Costco, demanded a refund and got it.

A Facebook post showed the woman at the customer service desk asking for the refund. The original post was removed but was reposted to Imgur by user JRD761.

The man who took the initial photo of the incident posted again to Facebook with an update on the returned tree, according to Bored Panda.

"She did get a refund. Not happily though. It was questioned, verified purchase on her account and she was (shamed) to a small degree," he wrote. "But I don’t think it fazed her because she has no conscience. She didn’t seem to mind that I took a photo and said, 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?'"

If this Reddit post is to be believed, it wasn't the first time Costco has issued a refund for a Christmas tree after the holidays.

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