Woman collected disability checks, said she couldn’t leave home; turns out, she was exotic dancing

An Atlanta woman who claimed to be disabled, but also worked as an exotic dancer, has pleaded guilty to Social Security fraud.

Valencia Williams told the Social Security Administration that she was disabled and rarely left home, but the SSA found out that wasn’t true.

Williams told the government she had extreme anxiety and depression and couldn’t even leave her room.

She qualified for disability benefits.

But actually, she was allegedly working at Stroker’s Adult entertainment in DeKalb County under the name Chrissy the Doll.

In 2010, Williams started getting Social Security benefits for major depressive disorder and panic disorder, but she got adult entertainer permits from DeKalb County in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Prosecutors said Williams stole $60,000 in federal funds that should have been going to people who are actually unable to work.

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