Woman chastises former fiancé with sign at Cowboys game

“They don't write 'em like that anymore,” Greg Kihn sang in his 1981 top-15 hit, “The Breakup Song."

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It was a powerful message. Flash forward 35 years, and a jilted Texas woman put out a strong message of her own, using “Monday Night Football” as her platform. A homemade sign she showed off during the game got some attention and went viral as she wrote that “My fiancé dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas.”

Brenna Clanton got engaged in June. The Austin hairstylist and her fiancé were big Dallas Cowboys fans. As a Christmas present, she bought tickets to the Cowboys’ Dec. 26 game against the Detroit Lions, which would be a nationally televised Monday night game at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

However, a week after Clanton bought the tickets in late October, she got a text message from her fiancé, calling off the engagement, the Dallas Morning News reported.

They don’t text ’em like that anymore. Or do they?

"That threw me for a loop," Clanton told the Morning News on Tuesday.

When she packed up her ex-fiance’s belongings, she said she left him a note on top of them, telling him that he was missing out on the seats in Section C114.

Instead of her fiancé, Clanton took her best friend to the game. She also took her sign, dotted with hashtags like #ESPN, #MNF and #nothing in common. The last hashtag was a swipe at her former lover, whose reason for breaking up was that the couple “had nothing in common.”

A former high school cheerleader, Clanton said she knew how to make a sign that would get attention. The white feather boa that framed the poster was a nice touch, too.

"I decided to have some fun with it, this was my little get-back to him,” she told the Morning News. “I thought this might show up on the JumboTron or TV broadcast and I knew (my ex) would be watching the game.”

The man’s reaction has yet to be recorded, but Clanton said she was surprised at the “overwhelming” attention she received on social media. There were many positive responses and a few negative comments, too. Clanton, however, chalked up the evening as an amazing experience and enjoyed her seats as Dallas won 42-21 against Detroit.

"Just being in the seats I was in, I had never been that close before," she told the Morning News. "I've been a huge sports fan my whole life and that was a whole new world."

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