Woman arrested after police say she confronted son’s alleged bullies at school

A South Carolina mother was arrested after going to her son’s school and confronting students who she said were bullying her child, police said.

Police said Jamie Rathburn entered Greenbrier Elementary School in Greenville, South Carolina, last month and began yelling while 8- and 9-year-old students waited in the hallways for their school day to start, WHNS reported.

The incident was captured on security cameras. Police said she was not authorized to be in the school and was approaching the students -- pointing at them in what police described as a threatening manner, WHNS reported.

Police said she also yelled profanity at a teacher.

She was apparently not happy that her son was being bullied.

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School officials said she did not take the appropriate steps to resolve it before going to the school, WHNS reported.

In a statement to the television station, officials said they were "taking active steps to protect the child and remedy and inappropriate behavior from his peers." School officials in the same statement said Rathburn was updated by the teacher on a regular basis about interactions between Rathburn's son and his classmates, all of whom the teacher said she was keeping a close eye on.

Rathburn claimed her son was being teased, hit with a computer and grabbed by the throat, The Associated Press reported.

Rathburn was arrested May 20, WHNS reported.

She was charged with disturbing schools, The Greenville News reported.

Credit: kconnors/Morguefile

Credit: kconnors/Morguefile

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