WATCH: Tennessee judge holds new lawyer's toddler son while swearing her in

A Tennessee judge is drawing praise after a video showed him holding a new lawyer's toddler son during her swearing-in ceremony.

According to CNN, the heartwarming moment occurred Friday as Belmont University College of Law graduate Juliana Lamar, mother of 1-year-old Beckham, took her oath in Nashville. Lamar's mentor, Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dinkins, officiated.

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"Just as we're about to begin, he goes to grab Beckham and says, 'He needs to be part of this. He's going to do the swearing-in with me,'" Lamar, 27, told the news outlet.

Her former law school classmate, Sarah Martin, captured video of Dinkins holding Beckham, who appeared to mimic his mom by raising his own small hand, "Today" reported.

"Y'all. Judge Dinkins of the Tennessee Court of Appeals swore in my law school colleague with her baby on his hip, and I've honestly never loved him more," Martin captioned the clip in a tweet.

By Tuesday morning, Martin's video had been viewed more than 680,000 times.

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Lamar also shared some photos and a video on Instagram.

"Today, I was sworn in to the Tennessee Bar by my mentor, Judge Dinkins, who has helped and guided me into my legal career, and my baby boy Beckham, who motivates me to keep going every day and has been with me during half of my law school 'experience,'" Lamar wrote.

"Thank you to my husband for being there during all the late nights, all the suits you've ironed, coffee you've bought to keep me awake, and taking my laptop to force me to go to sleep," she continued. "Thank you to my mom, for believing in me, knowing my potential, and (trying) to make me not be so hard on myself. Thank you all for your love and support."

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Commenters lauded the judge in replies to the women's posts.

"The best part is his instinctive bouncing of the baby. Once a dad, always a dad!" @AttyTMD tweeted.

"This is so beautiful!" Instagram user @ryanciulla24 wrote.

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