WATCH: Horse owners, trainers scramble to save animals from California wildfire

Dramatic video released Friday shows horse owners scrambling to rescue and evacuate animals as wildfires raged across Southern California.

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Images from Bonsall, Calif. show horses running in fields attempting to escape the smoke as the fires continue to burn.

Many animals have died as a result of the fires, especially in San Diego County according to reports from the Associated Press. At San Luis Rey Downs, officials estimated at least 12 horses, believed to be elite thoroughbred race horses were killed when the fire ripped through a training center.

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Horses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, who are normally carefully taken care of, were simply set free and encouraged to run away as the flames engulfed the center.

"I don't know how many are living and how many are dead," horse trainer Scott Hansen told the AP. "I guess I'll have to figure that out in the morning." For now, Hansen said he was focusing his efforts on getting his horses that survived to evacuation centers.

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