'He wanted it all': Bear has feast while ransacking Colorado cabin

This animal was smarter than the average bear.

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The owners of a cabin in a remote area of Colorado said they returned home early Saturday to find a large bear inside, enjoying a big meal as it ate items in the refrigerator.

"My wife was standing beside me and said, 'There is a bear in the house,'" Todd Wallace told KCNC. "It kind of gets your energy going a little bit."

Fortunately for Wallace and his wife, the approximately 8-foot-tall bear was too busy eating to notice the couple as they stared through a window. The animal had opened cabinets and had trashed the cabin's living room and kitchen, the television station reported.

There were hardly any leftovers, either, as the bear cleaned out the refrigerator, KCNC reported.

“It ate anything from noodles, to sugar, to meat. He wasn’t a choosy eater. He wanted it all,” Wallace told the television station.

The Wallaces returned to their vehicle and called the Boulder County Sheriff's Office, but by the time deputies arrived the bear -- presumably satisfied -- had left the area.

"I entered the residence this morning and was observing the damage," Wallace told KCNC. "There was food and debris all over the floor.

“(The bear) obviously got into the refrigerator, and did some pretty significant damage. It emptied it out for the most part, and enjoyed a pretty good meal.".

Wildlife officials later caught the bear and relocated it, KCNC reported

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