In vicious road rage attack, man accused of punching woman repeatedly after fender bender

A man is charged with battery after police say he punched a woman he didn't know because the two got into a crash and he didn't like the way she was driving.

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Investigators said the road rage attack happened along Luke Garrett Highway.

Police say the 28-year-old woman was sitting in her car following the wreck Sept. 5, when witnesses said the man in the car in front of her, Jesse Newby, 41, got out, came over to her window and started punching her repeatedly.

911 operator: Austell 911, what's the location of your emergency?

Caller: There is a wreck and the gentleman that got hit in the rear end jumped out and started beating the guy who hit him.

According to the arrest warrant, Newby was driving aggressively and sideswiped the woman's car as he went around her. Then he stopped, causing her to hit the back of his SUV.

Police say that's when Newby got out and punched the woman several times in the face

The 911 caller said in the call, "The guy was driving out of control, weaving in and out of traffic."

"He walked right back over to her and was just going to town. I mean, he was through the window. She must have put it down when she saw him coming," witness Cheryl Bell said.

Bell said she just couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"She was crouched over, she had her head covered and the woman in the passenger seat that got out, ran over screaming, was trying to grab him and pull him off of her, and he kind of swung his arm back," Bell said.

Austell police told Jennings that Newby was mad because the woman he punched had let too many cars pull out in front of her at a different intersection.

Witnesses told officers that's when he began tailgating her and honking.

"There's no excuse for violence," Bell said.

Police say the passenger in Newby's SUV was his wife. They also said he was still angry when he got to the police station, was not remorseful and did not admit to anything.

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