‘He touched my heart’: Flight attendant raises money to help bus driver get on transplant list

A bus driver in need of a kidney is now closer to getting one, thanks to a flight attendant with a big heart. She found out the man needs $5,000 just to get on the donor list and decided to step in and help.

Randi Doughterty met Ron Quick on one of her many rides from Best Western Sterling Inn to Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina.

Doughterty was concerned when she saw Quick sleeping in a van one day.

“He woke up and I said, ‘Are you sick? Are you OK? I feel bad. I’m sorry I woke you.’ He said, ‘I am sick. I’m on dialysis,’” Doughterty said.

This hit close to home for Doughterty, who is a kidney donor.

“I donated a kidney in July of 2017. I know the pain and suffering he’s going through because my lifelong friend was going through it,” Doughterty said.

Doughterty and other flight attendants started a GoFundMe page to help Quick raise the $5,000 needed to be added to the donor list. So far, the flight attendants have raised $1,100 for Quick.

"I wasn’t expecting it, that’s for sure,” Quick said.

On Friday, Doughterty presented Quick with a check for the amount raised so far.

“This is the first step,” Doughterty said to Quick. “Once you get on that transplant list we’re going to find you a living donor OK? You touched my heart.”

Doughterty’s goal is to raise $5,000 in the next few months.

"I just ask for everybody’s help,” she said. “Let’s help him. Let’s do what we can.”

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