Tom Brady calls fan with cancer who couldn't attend Super Bowl

Ashland teen Jake Silver created a bucket list after learning he had bone cancer. Doctors told him he had three months to live, maybe six. That was three years ago.

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One thing that has been on his bucket list was attending the Super Bowl. To make Jake's dreams possible, football players from the Tri-Valley League held fundraisers. In Medfield, they raised about $12,000 and the family traveled to Atlanta to see the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, but unfortunately, hours before kickoff, the family announced they weren't going to make it to the big game.

"Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Jake's oxygen was at 43 this morning, and we couldn't arouse him. Long story short he is the intensive care unit in Atlanta and awake. Will keep you posted when I can," his family posted on the Team Jake Facebook page

Family members said they couldn't get Jake to stay awake for more than a few seconds. After getting to the emergency room, doctors said he had hypoxia and put him on oxygen. After blood work, X-rays and a computerized tomography scan of his head, chest and abdomen, ultrasounds and an electrocardiogram, they determined Jake's blood count was low so he needed a transfusion, he had pneumonia and needed antibiotics, and his heart had too much stress on it from his body fighting.

On Tuesday afternoon, the family was able to travel back home from Atlanta via med flight, thanks to donations they have received.

"I can't imagine what it would feel like as a mother to know your child just wants to be home and you have no way of getting him there. Because of all the donations that we have received, I didn't have to feel that awful feeling, I had the luxury of saying ‘I don't care what it costs, just get him home ASAP.’ I didn't have to think twice of the ridiculous amount it costs for a med flight from Atlanta to bring Jake home and that was because of everyone who donated to us. I am eternally grateful to everyone for not having to worry financially about how I was going to get my son home," his mother posted.

She said that Jake was upset he couldn't go to the game, but was happy to finally be home.

While Jake wasn't able to go to the game, he and his family still wanted to make sure the tickets went to someone who could. On the Team Jake Facebook page, the family announced the ER nurses who had cared for Jake the day he was admitted to the ICU were given the tickets -- so as long as they cheered for the Patriots!

Come Wednesday, his mother said Jake was in much better spirits, especially after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady left him a voice message in the morning.

The next day, the family was able to cross something off Jake's bucket list with a trip to Old Orchard Beach where they have spent each summer since Jake was born.

Some of the items on Jake’s bucket list don't cost a thing. Others require travel and that requires funds. The family is grateful for all the help and well wishes it has received. In Ashland, those who know Jake have adopted a rallying cry "Silver Strong" -- the only cry, at the moment, they will allow.

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