7 things to know now: Lisa Marie Presley; Trump travel ban; 'Not my Presidents Day'

Here's a roundup of news trending across the nation and world today.

What to know now:

1. Trump aide fired: A national security adviser to President Donald Trump was fired from his job Friday after he delivered a speech that slammed the president and his policies. Craig Deare, who was appointed to head the National Security Council Western Hemisphere division, was relieved of the job after he spoke Thursday at the Wilson Center, a Washington D.C. think tank. People at the event said Deare criticized Trump for his policy on Latin America and Mexico. Deare returned to his previous position at the National Defense University, according to sources.

2. Texas election problems: Election officials in Texas say that hundreds of people in the state voted in the 2016 presidential election without showing photo identification, a violation of Texas law. Voters in Texas must produce one of seven accepted forms of photo identification to cast a ballot. According to election officials there, hundreds voted by signing a sworn statement instead of providing a photo ID.

3. Lisa Marie Presley problems: The twin daughters of Lisa Marie Presley are under the care of California child protective services, according to published reports. Why the children were taken from the home is not clear. Presley has accused her husband, Michael Lockwood, of having inappropriate photographs of children on his computer. Lockwood's attorney says the accusations are inaccurate, and that Lockwood has not been charged with anything. Presley said in the court papers that she is deeply in debt and that she has just finished a stay in a treatment facility.

4. Not talking terror attack: White House officials said Sunday that a reference by President Trump on Saturday to an act of terrorism in Sweden was instead a reference to general incidents of rising crime committed by refugees in that country. The president said in a tweet that he was referencing a story that was broadcast on Fox News Friday night, not a terror incident.
5. New immigration ban: The seven countries named in the first immigration ban signed by President Trump will be listed in the revised order, according to a senior administration official. Also in the revised order, those traveling to the United States who already have a visa to travel are exempt from the ban. According to The Associated Press, the order no longer rejects Syrian refugees when processing visas. The new order is expected to be signed this week.

And one more

"Not my Presidents Day" rallies are set for several cities across the country Monday, as the country celebrates Presidents Day. The anti-Trump groups are expected to protest in several communities and major cities.

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