'There's a tree in my kid's room': Family says landlord abandoned them after storm

Credit: WSBTV.com

Credit: WSBTV.com

Almost a week after a storm threw a tree into a Georgia duplex, it still looks as if the storm just hit.

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The huge tree is still sitting on top of the roof of the Conyers duplex, half of which already does not have power.

Janea Bradford and her kids rent one side of the duplex. Cassandra Jackson and her family live on the other, both told the same story.

After the storm hit, they said their landlord disappeared.

"I don’t know where my landlord is, so I’m left without a place to stay,” Bradford said. “There’s a tree in my kid’s room. She don’t care. That’s how I feel right now. She don’t care."

“It’s horrible, but it was to be expected,” Jackson said.

For safety reasons, Bradford said her power and water were turned off, forcing her family to stay with friends. She talked with the landlord once after the storm and heard promises of quick repairs, but nothing has been done.

"At least cut the branch off and patch it. Cover it, tarp it, nothing. Nothing at all,” Bradford said.

The landlord at the complex said crews will remove the tree this weekend.

But until all the repairs are made, both families need new homes.

Jackson said code enforcement told her family to leave, too.

"I’ve been very depressed by the situation because it’s like, I still need to find a place to go,” Jackson said.

The landlord said she gave each family a few hundred dollars and returned part of their June rent.

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