'Terrified' man rescued from 150-foot power pole tower in Colorado

Credit: David Reed/Pixabay

Credit: David Reed/Pixabay

First responders and utility officials helped coax a naked man down from a power pole in Colorado, officials said.

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Employees at the Comanche Power Plant near Pueblo said they heard yelling on the property shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday, KKTV reported.

"They stopped to investigate and discovered that a naked man had climbed clear to the top of a 150-foot steel power line tower," Pueblo police Capt. Tom Rummel told the television station.

The man, whom police said was a 29-year-old from New Mexico, was struggling to get down from the pole but was terrified, Rummel told KKTV.

Firefighters brought in a ladder truck and brought the man to safety.

"A firefighter climbed up the ladder as far as possible, finally coaching (the man) down far enough to get onto the ladder. He had held onto his boxers and actually paused and managed to get them back on before getting onto the ladder," Rummel told KKTV.

The man, who was not identified, was taken by an ambulance to an area hospital for evaluation, the television station reported.

The man's father told police he did not know why his son was in Colorado but added he had been struggling with narcotics, KDVR reported.

Police did not disclose what motive the man had for climbing the power pole.

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