Tennessee dad arrested in stabbing deaths of 4-month-old baby, child's mother, deputies say

Credit: Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Shelby County Sheriff's Office

A Tennessee mother and her baby were stabbed to death before their home was set on fire, authorities said.

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According to Shelby County deputies, Heather and Bentley Cook were found dead Friday morning inside their home in Shelby County.

Enoch Zarceno-Turner, 25, is charged with murder, arson and aggravated child abuse in the deaths of 32-year-old Heather Cook and 4-month-old Bentley Cook.

The Shelby County Fire Department was called to the 6900 block of Bennington Circle on Friday morning following reports of a house fire.

According to the affidavit, when the Shelby County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene, deputies found Heather and Bentley Cook stabbed to death. Their home had been intentionally set on fire, mainly in the area where the Cooks' bodies were discovered.

Heather’s sister was the one who found them. According to the affidavit, she told deputies that Zarceno-Turner is Bentley’s father, and the pair were arguing over custody issues.

On Aug. 31, just two weeks ago, a Facebook account seemingly belonging to Heather Cook took to a single mothers' Facebook page to vent.

The post reads: “When I got pregnant, it was by someone I had just began seeing. When I told him I was pregnant, he asked me to ‘remedy the situation.’ My son was born 4 ½ months ago and the father has never even attempted to see him.”

The post goes on to say Heather Cook filed for child support and the father was served for DNA testing. She added, “He can’t believe that I’m asking for any support for a baby he helped to create.”

Cook’s family has confirmed the authenticity of the post.

Zarceno-Turner will be in court Monday.

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