Teens take school bus on joyride, cause $15K in damage, police say

A 13- and 14-year-old have been arrested after police said they took the keys for a school bus and went on a joy ride.

Police in Bucyrus, Ohio, said it happened Friday. The teens, whose names have not been released because of their age, took the bus and smashed vehicles at a local salvage yard, police told WSYX.

They did between $12,000 and $15,000 in damage before an eyewitness saw what was happening, police said.

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"I can't say I've seen damage caused like this in a long, long time," Bucyrus Police Chief David Keopke told WSYX. "This was malicious. It was intentional."

The teens told police they climbed a barrier, then took hammers and smashed the windows on the bus and a bucket truck. They also kicked out a pickup truck’s windshield.

They were able to start the bus, hooked chains from the bus to some vehicles and tried to tow them, but were not able to, WSYX reported.

They then drove the bus into a semi-truck about 20 times until someone saw them hitting the truck with the bus.

The pair are being held at a juvenile facility, charged with felony criminal damaging, WSYX reported.

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