Teacher receives classroom school supplies, computer after actress Kristen Bell highlights her story

The power of social media. It can be a bad thing or a good thing.

For a New Jersey middle school teacher, it was a great thing.

Actress Kristen Bell has pledged to highlight a teacher each week on her Instagram page.

Friday, it was Jacquelyn Campbell's turn to be the "featured teacher." Campbell was nominated by her sister Elyse, who, according to Bell's post, said Campbell "dedicated her life to the education of special needs children." Some of Campbell's students have behavioral issues, autism or Down syndrome. Campbell is also a foster parent and has two adopted daughters. The school she teaches at has 80 percent of its students on free or reduced lunch programs.

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Bell posted Campbell’s classroom wish list on Friday. Shortly after, Campbell started getting boxes of supplies for her students, sent to her by strangers. By Monday, she had received more than 150 deliveries.

Included in the shipments, everything from crayons to markers to Chromebooks and iPads, WCAU reported.

Campbell opened the gifts with her students.

"I brought all of the packages in ... and they kind of looked at them and they were asking what's this? And I said 'This is for us, guys,'" Campbell told Southern New Jersey Today.

Credit: Steven Diaz/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Credit: Steven Diaz/Disney Parks via Getty Images

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