Strangers help 80-year-old widow after historic floods damage her home of 59 years

Dozens of strangers are coming together to help a Washington state woman whose home of nearly 60 years was damaged by historic flooding last week.

Linda Linden told KIRO-TV that since she moved into her home in 1961, not even record flooding from a nearby Issaquah Creek tributary had ever reached her home. But the powerful flood currents that came crashing down from Tiger Mountain on Feb. 7 changed everything.

“It’s never come in my house before,” Linden said. "This water came into my house.''

She told KIRO-TV that she first noticed flood waters around 3 a.m.

“I thought, ‘How come my feet are wet, and why are my pajamas getting soaked?’" she told the news station. "I was sloshing through all this mud and water on my floors.”

For the next 48 hours, she said the flow of water was relentless. It filled a nearby old creek bed to the top with rocks, and the creek carved a completely new path, right through her home -- where it left warped floors and more damage insurance won't cover.

Linden is known for helping others in need, including volunteering to help survivors of the Paradise, California, wildfires, and always living her faith by helping neighbors. Now, she's receiving help, KIRO-TV reported.

In the last couple of days, people have anonymously donated to help her stay in her flood-damaged home through a GoFundMe page, which moved Linda to tears.

“I cry because of the generosity of people,” she said. “It just blesses my heart again! God is good all the time!”

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