‘It is precious’: Massachusetts veteran hoping to return lost Marine Corps ring

Credit: Boston25News.com

Credit: Boston25News.com

A Massachusetts veteran is on a mission.

He found a United States Marine Corps ring over the weekend and is trying to hunt down its owner.

Rich Sherman served in Vietnam. He then spent 21 years in the Air National Guard as a member of the 102nd Fighter Wing at Otis Air Force Base.

But Sherman is now on a different type of mission.

"Almost everybody in town knows this ring has been found. Now, it's our job to find the owner," he told Boston's WFXT.

Sherman found a World War II U.S. Marine Corps ring outside of Kappy's Liquor Store in Falmouth on Saturday afternoon.

"I saw this bright, sparkling light shining up from the parking lot," he said.

Sherman posted a picture of the ring on Facebook, and the post quickly went viral.

"I was astounded. Within 24 hours, we had 2,000 reposts of my post and my photo," he said.

But they still haven't found the owner.

Sherman says there was a gathering of Marines at the Quarter Deck restaurant in Falmouth last Thursday, celebrating the Corps' 244th birthday. He's confident one of the marines may have lost it while attending the function.

"I know it is precious to somebody, and we really want to find the owner and return it. Hopefully on Veterans Day wouldn’t that be poetic," he said.

Sherman said that if he doesn't find the owner, he will donate the ring to a Marine Corps group in Falmouth.

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