Police: Man arrested in West Virginia said he was headed to White House with gun, explosive powder

Credit: fsHH/Pixabay

Credit: fsHH/Pixabay

A Missouri man who was found with a handgun and a trunk full of ammunition and gunpowder during a traffic stop in West Virginia told police he was on his way to the White House, according to court documents.

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Eric Leonardo Charron, 42, of Kansas City, Missouri, caused a three-and-a-half hour shutdown of a major interstate when he was stopped Wednesday, West Virginia MetroNews reported.

A West Virginia state trooper stopped Charron Wednesday morning for driving 130 mph on I-68, according to a criminal complaint. After giving the trooper his license, Charron told him he was headed to the White House because he was late for dinner with President Donald Trump, the complaint said. He also allegedly said he had to go to the Pentagon and return a phone to the leader of the Army.

The trooper then asked Charron if he had any firearms. Charron said he had a handgun in the trunk, according to the complaint. When asked if he had explosives, Charron said, “not a whole lot.”

Investigators searched the car and found the handgun, ammunition and gunpowder. They also found handwritten manuscripts about things like time travel, levitating watercraft, and mythical creatures such as the "Chupacabra," KCTV-TV reported.

When officers asked Charron why he was bringing a gun and explosives to see the president, Charron responded he “wanted to give them to him,” the complaint said. Charron allegedly told officers he had recently smoked methamphetamine.

Charron was charged with reckless driving and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. He was arraigned Thursday in Preston County, West Virginia, Magistrate Court, where his bond was set at $10,000.

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