Police: Man accused of beating, carving initials into teenager

Police are investigating after they say a man bound, beat and carved letters into the chest of a teenager in Gaston County, North Carolina.

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It is unclear how the victim knew 28-year-old Bretlee Metcalf, but the minor is expected to meet with a judge Friday.

She was granted an order of protection from Metcalf last week.

The order states that last week, Metcalf left 10 messages on her phone within an hour.

She reported he said, "Call me in five minutes or suffer the consequences." The order also states he then texted her to say she is "(expletive) dead."

She said she asked him to stop calling, and he said if she blocked him, he would call from another phone. The order said he came to her home and told her to leave through the window so he could punish her.

The order also states he led her down a trail from her home in Cherryville and into the woods, where he gagged her, tied her hands, dropped bars of soap into a sock and beat her with it.

She told officials he used a folding pocket knife to carve his initials in her chest and tried to make it clear that resisting him was futile.

She said she went to the police when an adult told her story to a detective.

Officials said Friday that she can get an order to keep Metcalf away from her for one year.

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