Pilot puts her career on line to donate kidney to flight attendant

A flight attendant will undergo a life saving surgery in a few weeks after her pilot friend put everything on the line to donate a kidney to her.

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For the past year, 38-year-old Jenny Stansel of Anchorage, Alaska has been battling kidney disease, according to a post by Alaska Air. When her co-workers found out, they didn’t hesitate to get tested to see if they were a match for Stansel.

Alaska Airlines pilot Capt. Jodi Harskamp was one of the first to get tested, and it turns out she was a perfect match.

Donating a kidney puts the donor at some health risks. There are a few weeks of recovery time and for the rest of their life, donors have to monitor their sodium and protein intake and eliminate ibuprofen.

Pilots also have to undergo stringent health tests to be able to fly air crafts. Donating a kidney means there is a small possibility that her health will never recover enough to pass those health tests.

After doing extensive research, the mother of two knew she had to help her friend.

“Jenny is a fabulous person. I’d like to see her stick around for a long time,” said Harskamp.

Stansel couldn’t be more grateful.

“It is hard for me to put into words the gratitude I have for the sacrifice she and her family are making. Throughout, Jodi has maintained a positive attitude and a genuine attentiveness toward my well-being, all while caring for her own family. She is my hero!” Stansel said.

Those interested in donating a kidney can learn more and register at the National Kidney Foundation website.

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