Piglets run loose when tractor-trailer hauling 2,500 overturns on freeway

A tractor-trailer hauling 2,500 piglets overturned Wednesday night on Interstate 75 in Huber Heights, Ohio, on an exit ramp, spilling some of the animals on the freeway.

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Some of the piglets escaped, but most remained inside the trailer, authorities said.

some of the animals were injured or killed in the crash, but it was not known how many, Sgt. Dallas Root of the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Dayton Post said.

“We’re going to get a secondary truck here to unload it,” Root said, and then the piglets will be transferred to the second trailer.

The sergeant said alcohol and drugs were not suspected in the crash.

“I would say speed could have something to do with it,” Root said.

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The freeway was shut down at one point after the accident and again when a second truck arrived to transport the surviving animals.

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