Pennsylvania woman has huge Cookie Monster display at front door for Halloween

A Halloween display in a central Pennsylvania city has been turning some heads.

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Lisa Boll, of York Township, converted her front door into a large version of the Cookie Monster character from "Sesame Street," complete with big Styrofoam eyes, a gaping mouth -- and of course, a giant chocolate chip cookie.

"It was surprising how many people get a big kick out of it, so it's good, it's fun for Halloween and it's not a horror thing so it appeals to kids under the age of 3; it's not scary," Boll told WPVI.

Boll is a former landscape designer in York. The vines growing over her front door give her ideas for a Halloween display. This year, she adopted the "Sesame Street" theme because of the television show's milestone year.

"This year, I wanted to do something with 'Sesame Street' because of the 50th anniversary," Boll told the York Daily Record. "I started looking at characters, I thought about Oscar, but decided on the Cookie Monster."

The display has had its share of gawkers, Boll said.

"I worry a little bit because people just flat-out stop and take pictures," Boll told the Daily Record. "Sometimes, if there is no traffic, I'll see a car pull over and kids will be pointing from the back seat."

The irony about Boll's big blue display is that she does not get a lot of trick-or-treaters since her home is located on a busy road. But when her vines grew in one year, she said it reminded her of Cousin It from "The Addams Family."

"I put some eyes on it, and teeth ... it was supremely horrifying," Boll told the Daily Record. "I tried a pig, cats, but nothing took off like the Cookie Monster."

Boll said she will keep the display up through Nov. 3.

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