Must-see: Ground squirrel appears to smell flower in adorable viral photo

Feeling stressed? You may want to follow the lead of this easygoing ground squirrel.

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According to Fox News, Netherlands-based nature photographer Dick van Duijn, 34, recently snapped several pictures of the animals frolicking amid flowers in Vienna, Austria.

"These funny, curious and acrobatic ground squirrels have been on my photography bucket list for a long time," he wrote in a June 7 Instagram post.

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One photo, which van Duijn shared on social media later that month, is going viral. The adorable shot shows a squirrel embracing a yellow blossom, apparently sniffing the flower.

"Smells like summer," he captioned the image, which has received more than 18,000 likes on Instagram.

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On Sunday, van Duijn shared more photos from the series.

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That flower apparently wasn't the only one to capture the squirrels' interest. Van Duijn also has posted photos of the critters enjoying other colorful blooms.

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