Marlon Wayans shuts down negativity on his Pride Month post about daughter

Credit: Tommaso Boddi

Credit: Tommaso Boddi

Marlon Wayans received some backlash after he wished his daughter a happy LGBT Pride Month on Instagram.

On Sunday, the comedian and actor took to the social media platform to celebrate his 19-year-old daughter, Amai Wayans, who is gay.

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In the caption, he said, "Happy pride to my pride and joy. I wouldn't change one (expletive) thing about you. Love you to the moon around the sun through the galaxies and back again."

However, some turned the sweet moment into a bitter one when they began chastising him for the post.

When one person wrote, "She's not old enough to understand what that's really all about. You have the power to change lives Bro, don't teach her that." Wayans replied with, "She's 19. She's who she is until or until she don't choose different. Love her for her not what I want her to be."

Another critic said, "You think if you support her you are good ??? Being a parent is not about saying yes to everything no you need to say yes on the good things only now just one question if you really support her would you give up being a grandfather because of this stupid decision that she made because as last as remember two girls can't make a baby."

Wayans swiftly reminded the online commentators of his wealth and that same-sex couples can still have children.

“There’s technology and i got the means.. so thank u shallow (expletive). Go hate your own kids,” he responded.

Someone else suggested Wayans delete the unfavorable replies, but the entertainer said he needed “the world to see the ignorance still exists.”

“Objective without obstacles is a worthless triumph,” he continued. “We will all someday get to unconditional love. Because of my daughter i am one step closer. I am not GOD, i don’t judge i just LOVE...”

Despite the handful of negative comments, the majority of folks loved Wayans post. Celebrities like Gabrielle Union and LaLa Anthony chimed in with positive messages. Others expressed support with heart and rainbow emojis in the comments section.

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