Man in skull mask appears in driveway, cuts feed to woman's home security camera

The video plays like a scene from a horror movie. A woman watches from inside her home as a stranger in her driveway dons a wig and skull mask and then rips one of her surveillance cameras from its post.

"When I seen him put on the mask and start running toward the gate, I just screamed for my boyfriend to wake him up," said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

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She said the man showed up at her Union, Washington, home around 11 a.m. on Jan. 26.

"He was revving his engine, and then I noticed, and then I looked outside,” she said.

The Mason County Sheriff's Office said it's now looking for the masked man for damaging the woman's camera in what could've been an attempt to then burglarize her home.

The woman shared surveillance video with KIRO 7 that shows the man lingering in her driveway before apparently putting on a wig and then the mask.

The woman, who said the man stole the surveillance camera after cutting the feed, believes her scream may have spooked the masked man, who she said quickly left as she went to wake up her boyfriend.

"It was super terrifying,” she said. “I had, like, no clue what to do.”

The woman also shared cellphone video with KIRO 7 of signs she made and posted in the area to warn neighbors. She's asking people to call 911 if they spot the man or his pickup truck in the area.

"Hopefully he's caught,” she said. "It was, like, the worst feeling ever.”

The masked stranger has left the woman unsettled and worried about her safety.

"It's exhausting to have to worry 24/7 if you're being watched or if ... somebody is spotting out our house,” she said.

The woman said she heard from another neighbor who said they were targeted by a similarly masked man several weeks ago.

Mason County deputies couldn’t immediately confirm if they were investigating additional cases linked to the masked man.

Deputies said they may know who’s behind the mask but have not yet made an arrest.

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