Man seeking to trade-in car gives it to nursing student instead

Credit: Tom Pennington

Credit: Tom Pennington

A nursing student now has a way to work and school thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

KGTV reported that Kayla Cooper was at a used car dealership in El Cajon, California, and was trying to get a lower down payment to get a car. Dan Laguardia, who was within earshot of Cooper's discussion with a salesman, was at the dealership to trade in his Scion xB. He said he could tell the conversation wasn't going the way Cooper would've liked.

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“I could kind of tell she wasn’t getting what she was there for,” Laguardia said.

Cooper left the dealership crying.

According to KGTV, the nursing student was borrowing cars from family and friends to get to work. She said she was in danger of losing her job if she couldn't get a car of her own by the end of the month.

Laguardia told KGTV he asked the salesperson to call Cooper back, and offered her his vehicle.

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“The car had more value to her than it did for me trading it in,” said Laguardia.

He didn’t charge Cooper anything for the vehicle.

“I was shaking,” Cooper said. “It’s a whole car. How can someone be so generous to give their car away?”

One of the employees at the dealership shared the story on Facebook. It has been shared more than 6,000 times.

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