Man says girlfriend died in taxi that was racing car up to 100 mph

A man said he and his girlfriend were riding home in a taxi in Albemarle, North Carolina, Monday when the driver crashed while racing another car.

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The wreck killed Charles Lamb’s girlfriend, Mandy, and left him bruised and battered.

"She was my life. Now my life's gone," Lamb said.

Lamb said he is still numbed by the tragedy and wants the taxi driver to be charged.

“It ain't hit me yet, but it will sooner or later,” Lamb said. “It will hit me."

Lamb said they were on their way home when the taxi driver started racing with a black and red car, reaching speeds of 80 and 100 mph.

"We told him to slow down, somebody is going to get hurt,” Lamb said. “He didn't slow down."

Lamb said the cabbie lost control on a curve, and Mandy and he went flying out of the car.

"I went to her and she was still warm when I touched her,” Lamb said. “I took my jacket off and covered her up. That’s the only respectable thing a person would do."

He said the car was mangled, and he had to get staples in his head.

Lamb said he now wants justice for Mandy’s death.

"No excuse, none, 'cause we did tell him to slow down," Lamb said. "I want the right thing done, him charged."

The North Carolina Highway Patrol wouldn’t confirm that the wreck was precipitated by a race.

Troopers only said speed was involved and they are still investigating.

A friend of the driver said he is alive and recovering in the hospital.

He has not yet been charged.

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