Lone survivor of Georgia mass shooting says he tried to save mother during rampage

The lone survivor of a Georgia shooting spree is speaking to Atlanta's WSB-TV for the first time.

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The shootings happened on the night of Jan. 24 in Rockmart. Police said Daylon Delon Gamble, 27, opened fire at two scenes, a house and an apartment just yards away from each other.

The four people killed were Helen Rose Mitchell, 48; Jaequnn Davis,19; Arkeyla Perry, 24; and Dadrian Cummings, 26.

Peerless Brown, 20, was the first one shot and the only one to survive.

He said he had just pulled into his driveway on Williamson Street when his estranged cousin knocked on his door.

"When I got out (of) the car. I asked him what was he doing, and he said nothing," Brown said.

Brown said he turned to get his keys out of the car, and that’s when he said Gamble pulled out a gun and shot him in the back of his neck. The bullet went through his neck, hit his jaw and came out under his left eye.

"He shot me. (He) didn’t say nothing," Brown said.

Gamble didn’t stop there, according to police. They said he shot another cousin outside the house.

Brown's mother was in the house, and he tried to save her.

"I ran around the building trying to get my mama out the door, and that’s when she came out and he shot her, too," Brown said.

Brown said he watched his mother, Mitchell, and his cousin, Davis, die from their injuries.

The family held their memorial services this past weekend and asked Brown to have forgiveness in his heart.

"I ain’t forgiving him because you only get one mama in life, and he took my mama and my cousin, too," Brown said.

Fernandes also spoke to the mother of another victim, Arkeyla Perry, who said her daughter didn't even know her killer.

Perry was living in the Rockmart apartment on Rome Street where police said Gamble shot and killed her.

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"She was a loving person and she loved God and she loved her family," said Diamond Watkins.

Watkins told Fernandes she has many questions

"I don’t know what happened, there’s so many stories and so many lies," she said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case. An official told Fernandes they are still investigating a motive.

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