'I'll kill you! Get on the ground!' Body camera footage shows deadly police shooting

A Memphis police lieutenant won't face any charges for the April 2018 shooting death of Terrance Carlton.

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Officials have not identified the officer at this time, the DA's office did release body cam video and a paper trail to explain why charges won't be filed.

About 15 seconds before the shooting, the video appears to show the MPD lieutenant saying, "motherf****r I'll kill you! Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Get on the ground!"

He tells Carlton to "get on the ground" and "put his face in the dirt." That's when Carlton, in a sideways fetal position, begins to move. He said, "I’m going to kill you, (expletive),” according to the DA's office.

That's when the shots were fired.

Video shows the lieutenant falling to the ground while shooting Carlton, then gets back up.

All that happened within 15 to 20 seconds from the time the officer arrived on the scene.

The lieutenant repeatedly asked for Carlton to put his hands on his sides after the shooting - but Carlton doesn't move.

Other MPD officers arrive on the scene several minutes later.

He told the officers, "Watch his right hand. He rolled over on me and said he was gonna kill me. Watch his right hand."

The video reveals Carlton was only holding a cell phone at the time of the shooting.

Here's the law they referenced to defend the officer. >> https://bit.ly/2KHKhVq

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