Kentucky dad accused of assaulting 3-month-old baby, causing 27 bone fractures

A 3-month-old Kentucky girl is recovering after her father assaulted her, causing 27 bone fractures, police said.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Richmond police arrested Sean Dykes, 24, on child abuse and assault charges Thursday, five days after officers responded to a report of an infant with head injuries at a Madison County home. Paramedics rushed the child to a nearby hospital, where doctors found more than two dozen fractures in her spine, skull, ribs and other parts of her body.

Dykes, who claimed to have multiple personality disorder, later told police that he had grabbed his daughter and slammed her onto a bed during a fit of rage, then blacked out, WYMT reported.

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Afterward, Dykes recalled seeing the baby have a seizure, police said. She appeared to have head injuries, and his hand hurt, he told police.

"Dykes said the only possible explanation is that the punched the infant in the head, which caused (her) injuries," the arrest citation said, according to the Richmond Register. "Dykes agreed that all the evidence suggested he was the one responsible."

Assistant Police Chief Rodney Richardson said the baby survived.

"Luckily, with a lot of prayer, I think, and some blessing, she's still alive," he told WKYT. "Right now, other than some long-term effects, she may be doing OK."

Dykes also is accused of pushing and strangling his girlfriend, who is the baby's mother, in March, the Herald-Leader reported.

He was jailed without bond, authorities said.

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