Kamille McKinney investigation: meth, sedative found in child’s remains, prosecutor says

The autopsy results have been released in the death of Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney. Officials said they found methamphetamine and a sedative in her system that was given to her before she was allegedly murdered, WBMA reported.

During a preliminary hearing Tuesday, officials said Kamille died from suffocation, but that she had trazodone and meth in her blood, WVTM reported.

Patrick Stallworth and his girlfriend, Derick Brown, are both charged with the 3-year old girl's death, WMBA reported.

Prosecutors said Stallworth and Brown kidnapped and killed the girl, dumping her body in a dumpster, in Birmingham, Alabama, WVTM reported.

They said Stallworth at first lied about knowing about Kamille's disappearance, but then when her body was found, told detectives that he was offering candy to children in the area the night she died and explained how the little girl was killed, saying Brown 'placed her hands over Cupcake's nose and mouth,' killing her, WVTM reported.

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