Hazmat suits needed as crews remove over 100 dogs from Pennsylvania home

Over 100 dogs were removed from a home in Ross Township in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, authorities said.

Crews needed hazmat suits to enter the home because of high ammonia levels, officials said.

Firefighters cooled down dozens of dogs and loaded them on a box truck to take where they'll get a lot of care and have a second chance at a dog's life.

"All the neighbors here will tell you they've called dozens of times. Nobody wants to do anything until it comes to something like this," said Damian Miller.

Neighbors said what's most frustrating is that this isn't the first time humane officers were at the home. They were there in 2008 removing farm animals, including roosters and goats.

"You would think that this would never have a chance to happen again. This is a public failure," Miller said.

The state dog warden will be filing criminal charges for cruelty, kenneling an excessive number of dogs and failing to give them medical care.

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