Harvey Weinstein created secret ‘hit list’ of nearly 100 names to fight sex assault accusers: report

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Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexual Harassment

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Harvey Weinstein drew up a secret “hit list” of nearly 100 actors, publicists and producers as part of a strategy to silence his sex assault accusers, a new report says.

The disgraced movie mogul personally created the 91-person list in early 2017 as reporters were working to substantiate rape and sex assault allegations, according to the Guardian newspaper.

The document was handed to investigators hired by Weinstein to extract information from anyone who might have been aware of his long history of sexual misdeeds, the Guardian reported.

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The list contains the names of several actresses who have since come forward to accuse Weinstein of preying on them — including Rose McGowan and Laura Madden.

A typed note on the document appears to suggest that a Weinstein spy had already gleaned information about Madden by February 2016. The note said that Madden had a “very bitter” view of the Oscar-winning producer, the Guardian reported.

Dozens of women have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment or assault — including Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and Rosanna Arquette.

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He’s currently under investigation by the NYPD, LAPD, Scotland Yard and the Beverly Hills police.

The New Yorker had previously reported that the Weinstein camp had provided a list of names to an Israeli private investigative firm hired to gather intelligence about his accusers.

The list includes 48 women and 43 men — a mix of actors and actresses, as well as producers, publicists, human resources staff and people in film marketing and distribution. At least 10 live in London, but the vast majority are based in New York, according to the Guardian.

More than 50 of the names were highlighted in red to mark those believed to pose the greatest risk to Weinstein. Among them were McGowan, Madden and English actress Sophia Dix.

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McGowan has said the Weinstein camp offered her $1 million to sign a nondisclosure agreement in late September. She had already reached a $100,000 settlement with the producer in 1997.

The document also contains the names of actress Katherine Kendall and Annabella Sciorra, both of whom have come forward with disturbing claims about Weinstein.

In a twist, the list includes Brett Ratner, who has been accused of sexual harassment or misconduct by six women in the wake of the Weinstein allegations.

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