Grandfather Express: Oregon man buys bus to take 10 grandkids to school

Waiting for the school bus can be drudgery -- unless it is owned and driven by Grandpa.

An Oregon man wanted to do something special for his 10 grandchildren, who attend a small school that does not have bus service. Doug Hayes solved that problem with the "Grandfather Express," KGW-TV reported.

Hayes bought a small school bus so he could drive his grandchildren to school each morning, the television station reported.

"Every year we make a big deal and every week coming into Christmas, Advent, every week we give them a gift," Hayes told KGW. "I thought, 'Gee whiz, maybe there's some way that I can give them a memory that will last all their life.'"

A family member shot cellphone video as Hayes brought his grandchildren their gift.

The children were definitely surprised.

"I was really stunned, I never expected him to buy a bus," Christian, one of Hayes' grandsons, told KGW.

Not everyone was ecstatic, though.

"That's not a hot air balloon," one of the younger girls said as Hayes pulled up.

But that was a minority opinion. The children said they cannot wait to take their first ride when school reopens in January. Hayes, meanwhile, knows he bought the right gift.

"Well, there is a sense of pride and excitement," Hayes told KGW. "Who does this? This is crazy. We're so excited about it, and it's something we are hopeful they will carry in their lives."

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