'I’m going to die’: Woman will have to relearn how to use arms, hands after dog attack

A woman in New York is thankful she is alive after a vicious dog attack.

The two things that saved Tracey Van Houte were a fire extinguisher and a good Samaritan, WHAM reported.

Van Houte said she was on the porch at a friend’s house when the friend opened a door and the dogs ran out, chasing her.

"I was hanging on to a corner post and I was screaming to help me, get them off of me. They were just ripping at me -- just sinking their teeth in and trying to pull me down," Van Houte told WHAM.

Then a man came with a fire extinguisher, emptying the canister trying to get the dogs to stay back. When that didn’t work, Ernest Casserly hit the most vicious one with the empty tank.

"I couldn't breathe. I said 'Please help me, I'm going to die. I know they're going to kill me," she told WHAM.

As the tank emptied, a woman appeared and picked Van Houte off the ground and into the back of a pickup.

Van Houte’s trauma did not end there. She will have to go through therapy to learn how to use her arms and hands again.

She has dozens of punctures that had to be stitched closed. An arm and a leg were also crushed by the dogs' bites, WHAM reported.

Listen to Van Houte speak of the attack here.

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