Girl with 48 hours to live beats cancer after camp counselor gives her a reason to fight

A 10-year-old girl beat cancer against all odds, allowing her to be the flower girl at her camp counselor’s wedding.

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"Sometimes we have to give people reasons to make it," Camp Fantastic counselor Sarah Rostock, 27, told Inside Edition.

Rostock met Abby Furco, 10, at Camp Fantastic, a summer camp for kids with cancer. Rostock had fought her own battle with cancer, making her relationship with Abby even stronger.

Abby beat cancer once when she was 4 years old, and it came back when she was 7. She was declared cancer-free again after a successful transplant, but soon her condition worsened.

When doctors gave Abby 48 hours to live, Rostock rushed to the hospital to be by her side. Despite Abby’s devastating prognosis, Rostock decided to ask Abby to be the flower girl at her wedding in a few months.

Abby agreed, and soon she started to beat the odds. She made it past 48 hours, and within a few weeks she was back at summer camp.

On Oct. 29, she walked down the aisle as Rostock’s flower girl.

“I was just so happy for Sarah,” Abby recalled.

Watch the heartwarming story below:

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