German shepherd born bright green, named Hulk

Credit: Robbie Goodall @ Images

Credit: Robbie Goodall @ Images

A North Carolina family welcomed a new litter of eight German shepherd puppies, but one of the babies as not like the others.

Mama Gypsy gave birth to a pup that was green, WLOS reported.

But there's nothing wrong with the pup. It's actually stained from meconium in the amniotic sack, vets told WLOS. Eventually, the color will fade away and the pup's white fur will be white again.

Shana Stamey and her family had to come up with a name for the green pup who was born with an aggressive appetite. They considered Gremlin, Pistachio and Mr. Green, but settled on Hulk.

"It was lime green. He was super mad. So, yeah, he became Hulk," Stamey told WLOS.

Hulk is already changing colors, he was yellow days after he was born and someone suggested Pikachu for a name.

The pups, when they’re old enough, will be put up for adoption.

It isn't the first time a green pup made the news. Last year, a Tampa Bay animal shelter said a green pup was born to another German shepherd who was in a foster home, WFLA reported.

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