Geese creating mess at veterans’ cemetery

Geese have taken over a cemetery for veterans, and their presence is creating a messy situation for anyone looking to visit their loved ones.

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Ron Santosucci, a Navy veteran, had to walk gingerly when he went to visit his friend's grave inside the Hull Village Cemetery.

Geese are leaving their droppings all over the area, including on the road, in the grass and on grave markers.

The mess broke Santosucci's heart, seeing his friend's resting place surrounded by animal waste.

"It's just an unfortunate situation," Santosucci said.

Randy Gould's family is buried in Hull Village, and he said the birds have been there for a while.

"All the markers you get if you're a veteran, the little bronze markers, they don't care," Gould said. "They just, it's everywhere."

While many experience difficulties simply walking down the hill at the cemetery, the question now turns to what will be done to solve the problem.

Hull's public works director sent Boston 25 News pictures he took of the geese roaming around the cemetery, and he said he was going to contact golf courses and neighboring towns to see what the options are when it comes to chasing the geese away.

Even though the geese are animals and it's not intentional, the issue still bothers Santosucci.

"People that are forgotten, I think, once you're in the ground, you're forgotten," Santosucci said. "Not everybody, but some are just forgotten. Like an old car that dies."

Santosucci said he knows dealing with nature is tough, but he's glad the town is trying to do something.

"I'll just come out and try to be careful where I'm stepping, that's all," Santosucci said. "But, at least you're making people aware of what's going on."

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