Florida teen chases grandfather with knife after being denied more tomatoes at dinner, police say

Nassau County resident Katie Jade Gates, 19, was arrested after she became angry that she was not allowed to eat more than her "fair share of tomatoes" and chased her grandfather, NCSO says.

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According to the grandmother, Gates began to throw a fit because she couldn't have more tomatoes, police say. Gate them became disrespectful toward others in the house, enraging then, according to the report.

Gates initially threw a cigarette pack at her great-grandmother, 73, striking her in the eye, deputies report. Then, Gates grabbed a knife and started waving it toward her grandfather.

Her grandfather ran out of the house, and Gates chased him with the knife in her hand, police say. She threatened to stab him in the face and began poking the knife toward his face, nearly cutting him, police say.

Police arrested Gates on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery on a victim over the age of 65. She was transported to the Nassau County Detention Facility.

Gates and her grandparents live together.

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