Florida family adopts 6 siblings one week before Christmas

A family in Nassau County, Florida, is giving six siblings a forever home.

Many children have come in and out of the Cooks’ home throughout the years.

At young ages, these kids have learned the hard way that sometimes little things matter most in life.

Keith and Shannon Cook are doubling the size of their family one week before Christmas.

The couple first chose to become foster parents years ago.

"I don't know if Keith always wanted to adopt, but I told him early on that I did," said Shannon Cook.

The parents of five have adopted six siblings out of foster care.

The family was part of the home for the holidays mass adoption event organized by Judge David Gooding and Family Support Services of North Florida.

The siblings range from ages 21 months to 13 years old.

"We were all excited and nervous; the kids were nervous," Shannon said.

“They’re my siblings, just like the other four,” Taylor Cook said.

“When we prayed about it, it pretty much all fell into place after that. It touched our hearts,” Pepper Cook added.

Fourteen years ago, the couple adopted two siblings, Gabby and Carson, when they were just babies.

“It’s just an amazing thing,” Gabby said.

They hope their family and story inspire others to adopt children like them.

“It doesn’t make a difference if you are adopted or if you are biologically related, it’s just your siblings.”

Mom and dad couldn’t be happier.

“We’re excited for Christmas; it’s going to be a big deal,” Keith said.

A spokesperson for Family Support Services says 42 children will be adopted by 19 families.

This will be a record number of adoptions in Northeast Florida.

On Thursday, Dec. 19, the Cooks will officially adopt Eugene, Neveah, Savannah, Dalton, Kolby and Reuben at Judge Gooding’s Home for the Holidays mass adoption event at the Duval County Courthouse.

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