Family's dog shot in the head, killed during robbery

A Memphis woman said her house was broken into, and her dog was shot in the head.

The woman, who will remain unidentified to protect her identity, spoke with WHBQ about the horrific experience.

“I was here [home]. I left for about 30 minutes. I came back,” she said.

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When she returned, she discovered the unimaginable.

“They took TVs and speakers, but the worst thing they took was my dog's life.”

More than $200 of electronics were stolen, but that pales in comparison to what the burglars are accused of doing next.

“I actually heard the gunshot,” the woman said.

Witnesses said a single gunshot the woman heard turned out to be the shot that would eventually take her dog, Champ's life.

"All I can do is scream with the pain that's in my heart.”

So now, as a family grieves at the loss of their pet and now have one question - why?

“The most important thing they took from me was my dog's life, my best friend."

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