Family celebrates lifesaving gift received 7 years ago on Christmas Eve

Credit: WSOC-TV

Credit: WSOC-TV

A North Carolina family celebrated not only Christmas Eve on Tuesday, but also a special gift they received seven years ago that they said money couldn’t buy.

Family members said Jordan Ocampo was just a baby when doctors diagnosed him with kidney failure. Seven years ago, Jordan, who is now 10, underwent a successful kidney transplant.

"It's the milestones that we're so grateful for with him," Jordan's father, Cisco Ocampo, told WSOC-TV. "His kindergarten graduation and learning how to swim. For the first time staying in the water without risking infection. Having enough strength to ride his bike."

And every Christmas Eve since Jordan's successful transplant is another big milestone.

"It was the gift that could never be found under a tree," Cisco Ocampo said. “With Christmas, we would want to be at home, next to the tree and opening up our Christmas presents but that was not God’s plan.”

Now, doctors say Jordan is thriving, something his doctor, Susan Massengill, loves to see.

"Kidney failure is a big deal and so we always hope that any of our kids that are on dialysis have the gift of going through a kidney transplant," Jordan's doctor, Susan Massengill, told WSOC-TV.

As many other families spend their holiday in the hospital, she said she hopes Jordan gives them hope. His story is also an example of the incredible difference the gift of life can make.

"We were given the gift of time, so we spell love as 'T-I-M-E,'" Jordan's mother, Cora Ocampo, told WSOC-TV. "We would have not seen this day today if it wasn't because of that special gift."

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