Fake FedEx delivery man ties up family as accomplice steals $130K cash, jewelry, police say

New York Police Department officials said a man dressed as a FedEx delivery driver posed as a delivery man to steal $130,000 in cash and jewelry from a Brooklyn family and the incident was caught on security camera and the footage was uploaded to Reddit.

Police said the man, who was posing as a delivery man, knocked on the door of a home in Bay Ridge on Monday afternoon, WPIX reported.

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After he got in, a second man hurried inside, WABC reported.

Police said one of the men showed the family a badge, saying he worked for the police, but there are conflicting reports as to which man.

WPIX reported it was the man wearing the FedEx uniform, while WABC reported it was the second man.

While the accomplice ransacked the second floor, the first man tied up the family using tape, police said.

The pair then took a safe found in a bedroom and loaded it into a nearby Jeep, WPIX reported.

The family told police that the men took about $45,000 in cash and $80,000 worth of jewelry, WPIX reported.

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