New Jersey company pays for drunk man's $1,600 Uber ride

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Man Passes Out in Uber, Takes $1,600 Ride Home

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A New Jersey based meal-delivery company has paid the $1,600-plus UberXL fare for the man who drunkenly rode nearly three hours home from a West Virginia frat party.

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New Jersey native Kenny Bachman told KYW-TV that he didn't quite remember ordering an Uber ride Friday night after a night out drinking with friends in Morgantown, West Virginia.

“We went to a frat party and then went to the bar,” he told the news station. “I was getting drinks all night. I probably spent, like, $200 at the bar after already drinking all day.”

The company, Eat Clean Bro, applauded Bachman's decision to not drink and drive as it picked up the tab. The company also stressed the importance of keeping roads safe for its delivery drivers in New York, New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

Bachman had started a GoFundMe page to help him pay for his ride. After Eat Clean Bro paid the bill, the donations were re-routed to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), an organization dedicated to creating safe roads.

How did the pricey ride happen?

Bachman said he blacked out and the last memory he had of the night was being at a bar. Hours later, he woke in the back of an Uber "next to an older dude (who was) telling me I was an hour out from Jersey," he told KYW-TV.

“I was just like, that’s crazy,” he told the news station. “Why did you agree to take me to New Jersey from West Virginia?”

Bachman told that he accidentally ordered an UberXL -- a more expensive option to the typical UberX car -- and that he stayed in the van after he woke "because what am I, just going to get dropped off on the side of the road?"

By the time he arrived at his home in Gloucester County, New Jersey, he had racked up a fare of $1,635.93, KYW-TV reported. A majority of that, -- nearly $700 -- came from the distance the Uber driver traveled to take Bachman home, reported. About $116 worth of the fare came from the time spent to make the trip, according to

"Afterwards I had it fully sink in," Bachman told the news site. "Once the ride ended and I saw how much it was when I was like 'Alright, this is insane, that's just crazy.'" and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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