Drone drops drugs, cellphone into Ohio jail, officials say

Officials in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, know one way contraband is getting into the prison. Someone is flying a drone over the facility's walls and dropping packages to the inmates at Euclid annex, officials told WEWS.

The incident was caught on jail surveillance cameras this summer but just recently released to Cleveland-area media, WJW reported.

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Inmates can be seen playing a cornhole game in an outdoor recreation area when one inmate looks up, then walks to the center of the fenced-off area a black bag falls to the ground and the man scoops it up, covering it with a shirt. He then walks out of view of the security camera, WEWS reported.


Jail officials said the package held a cellphone and marijuana, and it had been the second time in two days where officials suspected drug smuggling in the jail, WEWS reported. It was thought to be tobacco and a cellphone originally, WJW reported.

The day before the drone drop, officials said they found a hole dug into the wall of a jail cell on the eighth floor of the facility.

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