Dog lost during Camp Fire, reunited with family 101 days later

It’s been more than 100 days since Kingston the dog ran off from his family during the the California wildfire called Camp Fire.

But the fire finally has a happy ending for the Ballejos family, Kingston's owners, KXTV reported.

Kingston was missing after the family evacuated its home in Paradise, California. He jumped out the back of their pickup truck.

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The family hoped that he survived the blaze. They put up flyers and touched base with shelters searching for their lost pet.

Finally, 101 days later, the family got a call from Ben Lepe, a dog trapper who was able to catch Kingston and took him to a rescue group called Friends of Camp Fire Catsaccording to KXTV.

The Ballejos think Kingston was able to survive for the more than three months since they last saw him by eating skunks, the television station reported.

How did they come to that conclusion? He stunk just like them when they picked him up.

So far, Friends of Camp Fire Cats has found about 200 lost pets, KXTV reported.

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