Dog in Illinois requires surgery to remove rubber bands wrapped around mouth

Police in Illinois are investigating after an animal rescue shelter reported a dog needed surgery after his mouth was sealed shut with rubber bands, authorities said.

According to St. Francis Community Animal Rescue and Education in Murphysboro, the dog was immediately rushed to surgery after it arrived Monday, WPSD reported. The 13-pound animal also had deep cuts from the rubber bands that were used to close his mouth, the television station reported.

"Monsters among us. Unable to eat or even drink, he has lost weight and was one of the most severely dehydrated animals our vet has ever seen," the rescue center said on Facebook. The 13-pound dog "is sweet and gentle -- never once growling at or biting anyone caring for it."

After two and a half hours of surgery, the rubber bands were removed, the rescue center said.

Veterinarian Kay Creese said it was the first time she had dealt with "blatant abuse" on a dog, KFVS reported.

“The smell on this dog was horrible, so I made the decision to immediately take him into surgery to explore because the muzzle here yesterday was twice the size when he came in, and then matted, and just oozing with pus and fluids," Creese told the television station.

Authorities were alerted to the dog's condition Friday, KFVS reported. He was among two dogs surrendered to police officers.

According to Stan Reno, deputy chief of the Carbondale Police Department, the dogs' owner gave up the animals willingly and they were taken to Jackson County Humane Society, KFVS reported. Officials at the humane society sent the dog bound by rubber bands to St. Francis Community Animal Rescue and Education, the television station reported.

The Carbondale Police Department is investigating the abuse case, according to WPSD.

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