Creepy creature in home security video may look like Dobby, Gollum, but probably not

Credit: Vic201401/Via Wikicommons

Credit: Vic201401/Via Wikicommons

A home security video from a family in Colorado Springs is definitely creepy, but is it really some alien creature of unknown origin, the house-elf named Dobby in the "Harry Potter" series or even a Gollum-like being from "The Lord of the Rings" series? Probably not.

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Vivian Gomez uploaded the bizarre video Sunday morning.

The 10-second video clip shows a weird creature with skinny legs and overly large ears dancing down her driveway.

“First, I saw the shadow walking from my front door, then I saw this thing … has anyone else seen this on their cameras??” Gomez asked in a social media post accompanied by the strange video. She said two other security cameras on her property did not record the creature.

Social media exploded with a range of responses on what the unusual image could be, from Dobby the house-elf to an alien creature.

But others speculated that the “shadow” seen in front of her door before the creature comes into view may have been her young son exiting the house.

"While we haven't been able to definitively determine what this video shows, the footage likely depicts a young child in a silly costume dancing in the driveway rather than an encounter with a fictional character," the fact-checking website said about the video Tuesday.

And Gomez may have unwittingly revealed the origin of the unusual creature herself during an interview with “Inside Edition.”

She was asked if the weird image dancing in her driveway could be her son.

“No, I wouldn’t let him out at dark by himself,” Gomez answered, but then she admitted the 9-year-old “likes to play around and joke around.”

“He loves to dance,” she said. So, we’ll leave it right there.

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