Couple steals $11,000 worth of ink cartridges from Walmart, police say

Police are searching for a couple who stole more than $11,000 worth of ink cartridges from a Tennessee Walmart.

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"Bizarre is the only way I can describe it," Shelbyville police Sgt. Sam Jacobs told WTVF.

The couple entered the store around 3 a.m. Sunday and spent an hour in the electronics department, filling a bag with 332 ink cartridges worth an estimated $11,427, before leaving through the garden center, WTVF reported.

One of the suspects served as a lookout as the other filled the bag. When someone would walk by the couple would walk off, only to return a few minutes later and continue pilfering cartridges, police said.

The alarm on the emergency door failed to sound when they left. Another person was waiting for them in a getaway vehicle.

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